Bad Idea

jawn&kyin 7

A guest speaker in my psychology class brought up the interesting point that while putting a child in time-out might not have much effect, putting said child’s favorite toy in time-out probably will.

. . . I probably shouldn’t let certain figments come to school anymore.


If You Can’t Afford It. . . .

zephyr&kieth 2

I know it’s past Christmas, but I didn’t feel like hanging on to this for a year.

For those of you who don’t watch anime, Kaitou Kid is a magician/phantom thief who once stole the jeweled star off a department store tree. (Don’t worry, he gave it back.)

Seriously, Kid is awesome. Go watch Magic Kaito.


Don’t Let Thieves Use Netflix

zephyr&kieth 1

First off, this is Tawni’s entire fault.

Her post on con-men had a picture of the Leverage cast. My phantom thief read said post, saw said picture, and started watching the show. Religiously. (As if he needed any more ideas.)

Secondly, if you don’t know what Leverage is, (a) go watch it, and (b) the characters referenced are as follows:

Nate: mastermind (aka, plans all the stealing/conning)

Eliot: hitter/retrieval specialist (aka, hits things like a boss)

Parker: thief (also, insane)

Sophie: grifter (aka, conwoman)

(And no, I didn’t forget about Hardison, he just didn’t fit in this sketch. Sorry, Hardison.)